Written Summary 15 16 Pages And Ppt For The Scenario

Conduct a Risk Assessment (Quantitative, Qualitative, or Semi Quantitative, Frame, Scope, Asset Valuation, Tier 1 thru 3, Vulnerability, Current State and security posture (i.e. controls or lack of), Maturity CMMI 0 thru 5 0 Non-existent, 1 Intimal adhoc, 2 Planned, 3, Well Defined, 4 Quantitively Managed, 5 Optimized) Create a Risk Mitigation Plan (Reduce risk, by mitigation, transfer, avoid, or acceptance) What laws, treaties or conditions apply? (Compliance) Perform a BIA (Business Impact Analysis) Create a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) Create a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) Create a CIRP (Cyber Incident Response Plan)

Scenario (CIO for a major online store): 

You are the CIO for a major online store.  It specializes in goods for the elderly  with things such as clothes, support items, orthopedic appliances, etc. Many medical supply chains rely upon your company to deliver goods their clients. Your company currently specializes in goods for the west coast. You have centers in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. 


Each city has a data center which houses 10 physical servers, over 1000 virtual servers, and hosts their nearly 7,500 employees along with customers and vendors. 

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