Working With File Io


Utilize scripting and programming languages to read and write data files used in Data Science. Scenario

You are interested in expanding your set of code examples which will be maintained as a resource for your software development needs in your analytics consultancy. At this point you would like to address the management of reading and writing data from your two chosen programming languages: Python and R. You are interested in supporting different file formats which are to include text, binary, or XML data formats within both languages. Instructions

You are to have two distinct submissions for this module.

The first will be to demonstrate the reading and writing of a text, binary, and XML file with the Python programming language.

The second will be to demonstrate the reading and writing of a text, binary, or XML file with the R programming language.

Each file should be minimally 1K file size and should be written in the same format as read. For the XML files in both languages, you need to demonstrate the parsing of the XML language, retrieving, and printing out specific attributes of interest.

In both cases what you actually submit for grading will be your source code in a plain text file to perform the file I/O along with input files that were used to test the program and associated output files.

Data Sets

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