Wk 5 Secure Staging Environment Design And Coding Technique Standards Technical Guide


A software engineer designs, develop, tests, and evaluates the software and the systems that allow computers to execute their applications.

Take on the role of Software Engineer for the organization you selected in Week 1.

Use the Technical Guide Template to create a 3- to 4-page Secure Staging Environment Design and Coding Technique Standards Technical Guide for the organization you chose.

Research and include the following: Design a secure staging environment for your organization. Diagram your staging environment. Include descriptions for each object in your environment. Create a secure coding technique/quality and testing standard for your organization, covering the following secure coding techniques: Proper error handling Proper input validation Normalization Stored procedures Code signing Encryption Obfuscation/camouflage Code reuse/dead code Server-side vs. client-side execution and validation Memory management Use of third-party libraries and ADKs Data exposure Code quality and testing Automation Static code analyzers Dynamic analysis (e.g. fuzzing) Stress testing Sandboxing Model verification

Submit your assignment.

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