Web Design 19482699



For  this course we will be working on creating a functioning Website on the  topic of your choosing. You will be creating a single site that is  viewable on a desktop/laptop as well as on mobile devices. Your work  begins in Week 1 by defining the kind of site you will create. 

As the quarter progresses you will build on your concept, adding more elements to the site as each new topic is covered. 

To help you frame your ideas, here is a list of requirements for the site:  Consistent design and color schemeConsistent navigation between parts of your site  An external CSS document to control these aspects CSS applied to a single page Use of inline styles A minimum of 5-8 pages At least three external hyperlinks An email link with the subject filled in A form (it does NOT have to connect to a database because that is beyond the scope of this class) Properly placed images on at least three pages The use of alert message on one page JavaScript  that adds value to your page. This could be mouseover events for  navigation, a photo gallery, form field validation, performing a  calculation in a form (such as adding tax or shipping), etc.

Once you begin to write your pages in HTML, please add the following to a comment in the <head> of your work: 

Name, date, week #, class with section, and campus # (i.e. CIS273001VA016)

Always  zip your work into a single folder for uploading to Blackboard. You’ll  want to keep each week separately so that you can review earlier  iterations of your site in case you want to revert something back based  on feedback from your professor. 

Due Dates and Grading:  This project is designed to give you a realistic experience in design;  as such, you will be expected to participate in making tweaks and  iterating your product and design as necessary. Assignments are due  within the week they are assigned; however, you may have up to  two weeks to work with your professor to make suggested/required  adjustments—this is up to your professors’ discretion and is not  guaranteed. Be aware: Not completing a portion of the assignment means  that you will not be able to receive feedback and therefore cannot tweak  things, and that portion of your grade will remain graded as  “unacceptable.”  


Due in Week 2 and worth 50 points

You  have been hired to create a Website. In this assignment, you will begin  to gather the necessary information to complete the work and present  your ideas to your client. 

You will need to answer the following questions:  What  kind of domain name(s) will you register (i.e., .com, .biz, .net,  etc.)? Why do you suggest this kind of domain? (Review the section in  Week 1 on domain names.) Will you register the site using multiple domains? Why is this necessary?  Will you need to secure any portion of your site? Why? (See section on HTTPS.) Given  the nature of Web trends and changes in technology, what steps, if any,  do you suggest to keep your site viable for more than one year?  What browsers do you anticipate your visitors will be using based on information available today?  Does the browser have any impact on your design? Based on what you’ve just learned this week about CSS, how will this help in the development of your site? 

You  may submit this in multiple formats though a pitch deck (PowerPoint is  highly recommended; extra points if you would actually like to create a  presentation in a video device or software of your choosing that you can  upload to YouTube or similar online easily accessible hosting service.  Note: Your instructor must be able to access your video if you choose  this option. Prior coordination is needed to ensure your instructor will  be able to access your video). You’ve been hired, but remember you  still need to show off how awesome you are. 

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