Vmware Vsphere 6 Enterprise Plus


You have been hired by Red Didgeridoo Technologies. They know that they need to have network storage technologies, but their IT is a little lost. They want to have a scalable infrastructure to be able to expand and shrink the servers in their infrastructure when needed. In order to do this, they have purchased a license for VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus. 

NOTE:There must be at least 1 to 2 paragraphs per question.

1. Find and describe 2 distinct uses for a File Sharing Server which uses the sharing protocol named NFS (at least one of these must be a use specifically involving VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus). List the advantages of using these implementations instead of using SMB or CIFS.

2. Find and describe 2 distinct uses (at least one of these must be a use which specifically involve VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus) for iSCSI technology.

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