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Read Chapter 15, paying careful attention to the content, appearance, and elements of a résumé. A résumé not only tells prospective employers about your academic and employment experience, your personal characteristics, and your reasons for applying for a particular job, it also tells prospective employers how well you communicate.


For this TEST, you will project yourself into your future after you have graduated from the college of your choice with the degrees of your choice. Feel free to add or embellish things (in this assignment) that have not happened yet in order to help your chances of getting the job or an interview. Size 12, Times New Roman is the required format. Please pay close attention to the deadline; this is a TEST grade.  The appearance of a résumé also reflects the writer’s professionalism. Prepare and submit your résumé.  Use the Résumé sample on page 410* as the model for your Résumé.  Make your résumé look just like this sample in regard to appearance and usage of spacing (double/single), tabs, punctuation, headings, bold, italics, underlining, categories listed, etc. You will be evaluated on all aspects, including this format, of a proper résumé. 


Remember this is Technical Writing and formatting is imperative. For many of you, this is your first introduction into the world of technical writing. The key to technical communication is following instructions and attention to detail. Make sure you pay attention to the instructions of each assignment. Your grade will depend upon it! 

I realize in the business world, there is more than one way or style to write a Résumé.  But in order to be fair and consistent, for this class we use the sample on page 410 in the book so that you gain experience in following this particular example, and for me to have a consistent sample to evaluate your attention to detail in following the instructions.  

Please pay close attention to the submission; this is a TEST grade.

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