Research Paper 19601521


Create a research paper. I do not care about the content of the  paper, only the formatting. Upload your paper for credit. Make sure the  paper adheres to these formatting guidelines:

TITLE PAGE vertical alignment centered horizontal alignment centered Section break between title page and page with table of contents 

TABLE OF CONTENTS generated off of “heading 1” style Table of contents and rest of document – vertical alignment top Table of contents and rest of document – horizontal alignment left Hard page break between page with table of contents and the rest of the document

HEADER & FOOTER Header with the title of your paper on all pages except title page Footer with your name and page numbers

MAIN DOCUMENT include at least 5 headings all formatted with the HEADING 1 style include paragraphs of text under each of the headings. I do not care  about the content, only the format. Feel free to use gibberish text.  Try generating gibberish text by typing =rand(4,4) in MS Word then  hitting enter. include at least three pictures with text wrapping set to square

CITING SOURCES & BIBLIOGRAPHY include at least three sources formatted APA include a bibliography at the end

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