Quicksort On Array

For this problem, you will need to generate arrays of 1000 to 10000 3 or  4 digit integers. You should generate the array using the random()  function in  a C++ program. (try: “man random” at command line for reference on this)

Implement this algorithm 5 times in:
C: an imperative language;  
Python or C++: an OO language;
Haskell or Scheme: a functional language;
 Prolog: a logic language;
 and a language of your choosing.

(You may replace C, C++ or Scheme by another language of the same type, ask me first)
For each of the above 5 cases, your lab report should include: source code, screen shots (or other demonstration) of multiple tests (at least 5 with different data), timing of multiple runs (at least 5 repetitions with same data).
To allow comparison of different languages, the timing test for all 5 implementations should use the same data.
You should describe your impressions of:

1. Ease/difficulty of of programming
2. Ease/difficulty of debugging
3. Speed of execution
4. any other comments

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