Presentation Project Work In Cyber Security

Using the attached article to complete this presentation work based on the article as follows:

Article Title: Are Your IT ready for the pandemic driven threats?


Your presentation (made in PowerPoint) should be AT LEAST 10 slides in length, use images AND text. On the first slide of your presentation, put the Title, and then under the title (in much smaller letters) put your name, date, course, and then name of the instructor.

Be sure and include in your presentation:

· A summary of the articles you read. 

· Your opinion about the importance of your chosen topic.

· What is the problem? 

· Why should the problem be corrected?

· How should the problem be economically and effectively corrected?

· Recommendations, Summary and Conclusion

· A citation (name, author, link) to the article you read and references.

Included relevant citations. APA format

Using the article below to write the presentation.

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