Physical Security 19538031


You are the new Compliance and Accountability Manager for the  mid-size company. During the first two weeks on the job, you have  conducted several inspections on the alarm, intrusion, and video  technology systems. The findings from your investigations provided  overwhelming evidence that these systems are either not operating  efficiently, or they are not in compliance with governmental  requirements. For this assignment, write a Three-page double space memo,  the company administrator addressing the following: The significance of equipment and system overhaul Application and the importance of an effective alarm system and its components Getting the systems certified An efficient video system The lenses and illumination Cameras Recorders monitors

Ideas  from the required reading assignment, as well as a biblical  integration, must all be integrated into the memo. This memo should be  error-free, citations should be presented to support your work, each  section must have a sub-header, and your plagiarism score should not be  more than 30 percent.

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