Paper And Presentation Needed

The phrase “the show must go on” is perhaps truer in business than in

performing arts. Organizations need to be prepared to run continuously

regardless of environmental conditions.

For this assessment, imagine that you manage a print shop in Arlington,

Virginia. The shop is connected to the internet by satellite link. Orders are

received via the internet as well as by walk-ins with portable storage drives or

smart phones that can transfer files via Bluetooth network.

Write a four to five (10 page) plan in which you:

• Identify the organization’s exposure to internal and external threats.

• Identify ways that the organization can maintain its risk.

• Describe the foreseen security risks.

• Assess the importance of training the shop personnel on security risks.

• Recommend at least two (2) strategies for continually improving the quality

and effectiveness of the plan.

• Analyze the organizational risks inherent in the execution of a good plan

(include Safety, Hardware, Software, Risk Assessment and/ or


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