Organizational Dynamics Need 12 Pages Apa Format

This is a comprehensive “systems” analysis of the organization that you currently work for or one you worked for in the past that you are able to collect enough information about to analyze from a systems perspective based on Chapters 13–15 of our text and within the context of the organization performance model (OPM) framework.

Utilizing the OPM as a guideline, you will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of your current organization using multiple sources of research. Personal interviews, industry analysis, and so on. This is equivalent to a final exam in this course and will pull information from all of our work together. You will determine through the utilization of organization behavior principles if you are writing a developmental, transitional, or transformational research paper. True organization performance is driven by the system, and the system must be in alignment for the ultimate challenges of the 21st century. Your opening statement should tell me what type of change your organization is facing, which will guide you in writing your paper. Is your organization facing transactional change (sometimes referred to as developmental change), transitional change, or transformational change?

Given the complexity of this assignment, it is rare to write an analysis of less than 12 pages for this final deliverable. I expect adherence to APA principles in all your work.

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