Module 8 Discussion Question 1

Time to impress. Using what you’ve learned in the class how would you secure the following network? (Remember to explain and justify your answers)

XYZ Enterprises has had many security issues over the past few months.  You are a new hire and are now responsible for security at XYZ Enterprises.  XYZ has an older router-based firewall in place between the network and the outside world.  There are 25 workstations and 4 servers on site all running a free version of a software anti-virus.  Employees must be able to access the Internet throughout the day and must have access to their email without any down time. Employees on the road should also be able to access the network information.  What improvements do you make? Prioritize and justify your responses in detail.

Copy and Paste Question

Clearly and Thoroughly Answer the Question with at least 1 reference.

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