Kpi Competition Paper


The paper is a short paper (3 pages) and is based on your research and presentation of the topic.  For this paper you will do the following:

After watching the week 9 and 10 video lectures you are to select a topic of interest , from a case study, and synthesize content to create a single competition theme.  From your theme you are to provide KPIs that an organization can apply to competition risks. Demonstrating the application of the KPIs is imperative.  Your work must be original and your application of the KPIs supported by scholarly research.


Grading for this paper is as follows:

Theme and SupportingContent: 40%

Application of KPIs: 30%

Proper Use of APA: 15%

Writing Mechanics (good writing and proofing): 15%

The paper must be submitted in an MS-Word Doc.  Be sure to proof and ensure you have a well-done paper before submitting. 

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