Java Coding Assignment Multi Threading

Assignment is due June 16th, will accept the 17th at the latest. Whoever accepts the assignment, I will send you example files. If you do not think you can finish the assignment, please give me what you have and I’ll finish the rest the best I can. 


To practice programming cooperating, synchronized multiple threads of execution.Description:In  this  programming  assignment  you  will  simulate  the  deposits  and withdrawals made to a fictitious bank account (I’ll let you use my real bank account ifyou promise to make only deposits! J).  In this case the deposits and withdrawals will be made by synchronized threads.  Synchronization is required for two reasons –(1) mutual exclusion (updates cannot be lost) and (2) because a withdrawal cannot occur if the amount of the withdrawal request is greater than the current balance in the  account.   This  means  that  access  to  the  account  (the shared object)  must  be synchronized.  This application requires cooperation and communication amongst the various threads (cooperatingsynchronizedthreads).  (In other words, this problem is similar to the producer/consumer problem where there is more than one producer and more  than  one  consumer  process  active  simultaneously.)   

If  a  withdrawal  thread attempts to withdraw an amount greater than the current balance in the account–then it must block itself and wait until a deposit has occurred before it can try again.  As we covered in the lecture notes, this will require that the depositorthreads signal all waiting withdrawal threads whenever a deposit is completed. 

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