is manuel eligible for services?


As a special educator you will be asked to provide information to the Multidisciplinary team in your school to help them determine if they have enough information to proceed.  Often this will be in the form of a Summary Memorandum.  In addition to reading the Announcements, prepare for this discussion by reading the Required Resources, the Week Five Instructor Guidance and the scenario provided below.  In addition, review the Comprehensive Report Part I and IIPreview the document located in the Instructor Guidance:

Scenario: At the request of the MDT Leader, you have been asked to compose an Evaluation Summary for the Evaluation Committee (EC) team describing all the findings of theMDT.  These findings include Parts I and II of the Comprehensive Report from the school psychologist, Manuel’s Present Level of Performance (PLOP), his strengths, his areas of need, and your recommendation for accommodations and interventions for Manuel.

Initial Post: Using the memorandum in the Instructor Guidance as a model, post a response formatted as a memorandum to the Multidisciplinary Team.  The memorandum should include the following:

  • A summary of the findings about Manuel thus far, including Parts I and II of the Comprehensive Report from the school psychologist and Manuel’s Present Level of Performance (PLOP), his strengths, and his areas of need. 
  • A description of additional information the IEP team needs, if any.  Base your response on the information in chapter 18 and your additional required resources.

Justify your conclusion with specific information related to Manuel and the information from chapter 18 and pages 265-267 in the Pierangelo and Giuliani (2012) text.


 Pierangelo, R., & Giuliani, G. A. (2012). Assessment in special education: A practical approach. Boston: Pearson. 

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