How Has The Advancements In It Effect Hospital Efficiency And Patient Care What It Tools Programs And Applications Have Made Those Changes Or Advancements Possible

Research paper, you will be discussing an IT-related topic in greater detail by composing a 8-10 page (IEEE) or 15-18 page (APA), single spaced research paper. Like the other papers, some examples are provided for you. You can gather some topics from your classmates or the topics can be suggested by your professor. The primary emphasis is to do research and perform an elaborate discussion, along with sharing your views towards a current or emerging IT-related technology, challenge or platform. The papers must have eight or more references, dated 2012 to 2020. Paper will have an cover page, with an outline, abstract and reference page. Cover page, outline and reference page do not count toward the 8-10pg (IEEE) standard paper or 15-18pg APA standard paper.

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