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Question 1:

This activity/assignment will help students understand concept of targeting and its importance

Activity: Choose a product that you would like to introduce in the market. Create a profile of your target market and to discuss the reasons for choosing this market.


Need above assignment of 1.5 pages in APA format excluding title and reference page. 


Question 2:

Research Paper: Mastering Blockchain

Need a 2 pages research paper on Mastering blockchain

Follow APA6 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.

Question 3:

Considering the text and your own research on Windows Registry Forensics tools, discuss a specific tool of your choice.

1) What is the function of the tool and briefly describe how it is setup and used?

2) What information would the tool yield in an investigation?

Need two 400 words paper on above topic. separate papers two discussions. total 2 pages.

Question 4:

Discuss the risk and costs of compromised data integrity breaches. Focus on integrity not confidentiality. Look at military, education, science, medicine, finance, utilities, municipalities, etc.

Need a 1.5 page of above topic in apa format.

Total 7 pages and 5 different papers.

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