Forensic Design Assessments 19552931


Select any example of a visualization (charts/graphs) or infographic, maybe your own work or that of others. The task is to undertake a deep, detailed ‘forensic’ like assessment of the color choices. 

For this task, take a close look at the color choices: Start by      identifying all the applications of color deployed, listing them under the      headers of 1) data legibility, 2) editorial salience, and 3) functional      harmony. How      suitable are the choices and deployment of these colors? If they are not,      what do you think they should have been? Go through      the set of ‘Influencing factors’ from the latter section of the book’s      chapter to help shape your assessment and to possibly inform how you might      tackle this design layer differently Also,      considering the range of potential applications of color, what would you      do differently or additionally?

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