Final Project Report For Professional Consulting In Information Systemis

Requirement: Final Project Report for Professional Consulting In Information System(IS)

1. Draft approved project plan is attached with name “ASSISTED LIVING AUTOMATION SOLUTION”

   file name: “AssistedLivingAutomation-Website-DetailDesign.docx”.

   I also included a draft EntityRelationship diagram with basic data modeling.   

2. I am also attaching a former student approved project “Sample-Approved-Project.pdf” from same university.

   The updated “Final Project Report” must include detailed specified in “Sample-Approved-Project.pdf” and also follow the “ProjectFinalReport-Details.txt”.

1. Use Case Diagram (13 to 16)

2. Use Case Details (page 17 to 19)

3. Data Flow Diagram (page 19 to 22)

4. Data Modeling with column name, PK, FK, data type and size (page 26 to 29))

5. Entity Relationship diagram (page 30) 

6. HTML wireframe/screen shots (page 34 to 37) 


3. The “Final Project Report” must follow the University guideline attached “FormatGuidelines.pdf”.

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