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 How can Blockchain bridge the gap between consumers and marketers? 

Minimum 500 words.


Read: Marketing: a disconnect between marketers and their customers, consumers  https://www.insights4print.ceo/2017/11/marketing-disconnect-marketers-customers-consumers/ 3 Ways Blockchain Can Shake Up Digital Marketing https://www.relevance.com/3-ways-blockchain-can-shake-up-digital-marketing/ CMO Blockchain Primer: Advertising Becomes More Accountable https://medium.com/@jer979/cmo-blockchain-primer-advertising-becomes-more-accountable-248a69008695 How Predictive Content Marketing Can Drive B2B Marketing ROI https://www.martechadvisor.com/articles/content-marketing/predictive-content-marketing-the-keyword-to-customer-profitability/?utm_source=onesignal

Watch: YouTube: Crytography & Blockchain in Digital Marketing 
YouTube: Applying the Blockchain to an everchanging digital media landscape

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