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We have looked at how to create links to pages that are internal to our site as well as external links to other pages. This week, we’re going to discuss hyperlinks for our own site as well as other sites online. Consider the following questions: How does your file structure (where your pages are housed on the Web server) effect the code for your links? What is the advantage or disadvantage of having multiple folders for your site? Why is it important to understand the target attribute of the anchor tag?

Demonstrate it: You are developing a site for travel. From the homepage, a visitor wants to view packages for a trip to Japan. Based on the attached file structure and your knowledge of the Internet, write the code for links to the following: Visit Japan Family Friendly Tours Cycling Enthusiast Tours Culinary Based Excursions Weather in Japan for today Currency Exchange Rates

Index.html about.html contact.html countries.html*

japan.html family.html cycling.html culinary.html

*The countries page has a list of all the countries where the company has established tours.

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