Data Science And Big Data Research Paper Phd No Plagiarism

We have discussed PPT with professor and he said the below points

1. Need to compare our PPT with similar scholar paper and mention why are PPT is unique to the other scholar paper(Add a Slide with a topic which is unique or additional research compare to the other similar scholar paper)

2. Take a scenario and explain atleast 4 tools as a example how will use it in the scenario

3. We need a research paper to the same topic as of above PPT with below template format(just elaborate a bit with same details)

Research Paper Format

– Minimum 12 pages with APA format

– Cover Page

– Abstract

– Table of Content

– Discussion – Maint Content

– Justification and explanation

– Conclusions

– Citations/ References

Note: As Discussed please give a new PPT as per the requirement.

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