Data Science And Big Data Analy 19677883


Write Python code(s) to do:

1- Ask the user to enter the: NAME (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J), AGE, GPA (out of 4) and the MAJOR ( CS, CET, CIS, CE). Then print these information as follows: My name starts with the letter (NAME) and I am (AGE) years old. I study (MAJOR) and my GPA is: (GPA).

2- Repeat step 1 for 10 users with different values (Names can’t be repeated).

3- Store the entered information in the file students.CSV. 

4- Plot the 4 features (NAME, AGE, GPA, and MAJOR) on separate figures using the seaborn library functions. 

5- Calculate the mean() of the GPAs and Ages.


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