Computer Science 19610384


Serial Port Assignment 

Design, write, and debug an MC8051 assembly program which does the following: 

Configure the serial port to mode 1 with enabled reception and 9600 BAUD rate for the DS89S420 microcontroller. Also configure Timer 1 for mode 2. 

Configure port P1 for input and port P2 for output. 

Configure Timer 0 for mode 1 maximum delay. 

The serial port operation will wait for an ASCII character to be entered from the serial terminal (Keil simulated), increment it, and output the resulting ASCII character to the serial terminal. 

The input port (P1) is red after each timer 0 overflow, the value get complemented, and output to port P2. 

Timer 0 and the serial port operations are all accomplished through polling of TF0, RI, and TI respectively. Initially you need to start Timer 0 and Timer 1 for the full operation to take place. 

Document your report and attach the list file along with the used Keil debugger interface shots or screen. 

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