Case analysis | Human Resource Management homework help

Your Case Project is based on McDonald’s Company it was developed by Professor Jamal Shamsie, Pace University and published by Dess, Lumpkin and Eisner “Strategic Management: Text and Cases” Textbook 4th edition, McGraw Hill, 2009. The Case represents real facts experienced by McDonald’s Restaurant turnaround strategy that was working but the firm still faced a rapidly fragmenting market where changes in the tastes of consumers have made once-exotic foods like sushi and burritos everyday options…


The case should be approached and written in a “Case Analysis” format..Attached is a link called “Case Analysis Process” which will guide you as to how to prepare and write this case study.

Your case should include:

A– Introduction of the Case

B– Statement of the Problem / Identify Problem

C– Conduct Strategic Analysis

      – Issues related to the case

D- Propose Alternatives Solutions

E– Make Recommendation / Select Appropriate Solution


This case should be written in APA Style of Writing and no less than 5 pages in length. Not including cover page and reference pages. The elements for your case analysis and development from A to E should be titled and underlined throughout your paper.



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