C Code Project

Need someone to code a program for me with my provided files.


Here are the details for this project – Code a new C program that

#includes the .h file and struct that you created in Project 7 (attached)
Opens the binary file (.dat) that someone else posted using your struct (attached)
Uses a while loop and fread ( ), and reads the .dat file into an array of your struct.
Using a function you write, printf’s every member of each struct in the array.

So to summarize:

#include your .h file into your main.c code.

Code using fread ( ) to read the structs from the binary file into an array in your program. (while loop)

In a function you write, use printf ( ) to print out all the members of each struct (inside the while loop) to a text file.

Post the resulting output on the thread.

Submit your code on this assignment.

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