Best Practices For Architecting A Full Coverage Lan


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

You are designing a large wireless network with multiple access points across multiple floors and buildings. Discuss the best practice to determine access point location, frequency, and channel to assure full coverage without interference between the access points.


Identify a possible location for a site survey different from the one you will use for your individual assignment this week, and consider the information you need to collect for a site survey and how you can gather that information. Note: The site can be an office, a friend’s house, etc. If you don’t have a site you can use Visio to create a mock site. The goal is to give a description of a space.

Describe the site to other students, and discuss how you determined the information to collect and methods of collection. What challenges does the site pose for collecting the information? Note: Use this discussion as an opportunity to identify with your peers the elements to include in this week’s Individual Assignment, “Site Survey.”

No plagiarism.

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