Assignment Reflection

1. Course Reflection: Cognitive, Affective, Conative

a. What did you enjoy the most about this course?

b. How can we make this course better?

c. Do you feel that the assignments provide an appropriate introduction to programming/engineering/IT/Business technologies?

d. Has this course changed the way that you actually think about technology, how it is created, and how it is implemented? How?

2. Top Three Qualifications to Be a Hacker in Your Field

As evidenced by websites such as Instructables and HackThis, hacking isn’t exclusive to information technology and networking.  

a. Define hacking.

b. Give an example of how you hack something in your daily life.

c. What is hacking within your field?

d. Is this a valuable skill?  Why?

e. List three qualifications to be a hacker in your field of study.

References to each question. (if any)

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