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Background: As we have learned, a lot of thought goes into the design of a visualization. This week we review how the data types influence the graphing types.


**You must use this dataset – there will be no option to resubmit if you do not use this dataset**

**You must include all the required screen shots displaying all the required information including the dataset name – there will be no option to resubmit if you do not include all the required screen shots with the required information***

Assignment: Use RStudio to generate the list of simple graphs below  using the dataset:          dataset_price_personal_computers_Chapt6.csv  

The submission MUST include the screen captures of the multiple windows for each graph listed or 0 points will be earned The windows are Code/or file contents, Console, Environment/Files (num observations and variables), Plots/Graphs

Graphs to Produce:

Pie Chart: Create a pie chart of the computer ram Label the RAM sizes for each amount of RAM discovered in the dataset formatted as 2GB, or 4GB, or 16GB, as examples  Title the pie chart as “Computer Ram” Color the pie chart using the rainbow option

Bar Plot: Create a barplot of the computer screen sizes Label the x axis as “Screen Sizes” Label the y axis as “Frequency” Title the barplot as “Computer Screen Sizes” Color the bars in the barplot any color you wish.

Histogram: Create a histogram of the computer prices Label the x axis as “Prices” Title the histogram as “Computer Prices” Give the histogram any color you wish.

Box Plot: Create a boxplot of the comparing the computer price and premium category Label the y axis as “Price” Label the x axis as “Premium” Title the boxplot as “Premium Computer Prices Distribution” Color the boxplot any color you wish.

Scatter Plot: Create a scatter plot of computer price and hard drive size Label the x axis as “Hard Drive Size” Label the y axis as “Price” Title the scatter plot as “Computer Price vs Hard Drive Size” Color the scatter any color you wish.

Your document should be an easy-to-read font in MS Word (other word processors are fine to use but save it in MS Word format). Each graph created must be submitted as a screen capture in the Word document showing all windows as previously listed.  If all windows are not displayed 0 points will be earned. 

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