Assignment 19678289


1. What are the different kinds of password protections on iPhones and Android devices. Please compare as some of the newer iPhone models have different settings than the older ones e.g. iPhone 4 and 5 compared to iPhone x.

2. Let us assume you have an locked iPhone and you are unsure how to unlock the iPhone. What options might you have e.g. if you know the users’ iCloud password then would that be helpful? If so, why and how? Please cite your sources.

3. Let us assume you are able to take an backup of the iPhone using iTunes. What would be contained in an iTunes backup and how might that be valuable for you? Please do research and cite your sources.

4. Now, let us pretend that you are an defense attorney and you are planning for an cross-examination. Give me at least 5-7 questions that you would ask as part of your cross-examination. For ideas, please review Chapter 18. Make sure your questions are factual.

5. Now flip around your hat. Pretend you are the one answering the attorney’s questions. How would you defend your answers?

6. Now, once you have thought this through – tell me what makes the most sense? Investing in a well known commercial tool that has survived court scrutiny or using a different set of hodge podge tools to complete your analysis and present the findings in a court of law? Please tell me why

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