Assigment 19514409


In previous weeks you discussed an industry and problems within that industry.

This is an opportunity to expand on that work within the context of the business analytics lifecycle and connect theory to practice.

Construct an essay specific to your industry and a potential, specific problem to be solved that outlines your exploratory data analytics approach.

(a) Review the Kaggle website ( or any public dataset such as those obtained from Google dataset research ( Choose a dataset that closely aligns to the problem you wish to solve. Provide a link to the dataset. (b) Identify five types of data that would be useful in solving the problem you identified. (c) Discuss your exploratory data approach. In your discussion include mention of a least one alternative approach that you believe would be inappropriate.

Guidelines: Minimum word count = 1250 Essay formatted per APA specifications including title page, introduction, background literature, discussion, and final summary and conclusions. Include in-text and final references formatted per APA as appropriate Minimum documented references = 5

Guidance: Do not summarize a previously completed project as shown on Kaggle or elsewhere. Instead construct your own proposal. Be sure your in-text and final references support the statements within your essay. Include a clear outline of the specific problem to be solved, what types of questions are intended to be answered, and the proposed technique.

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