Android App Development Project

  App Specs:   Create an Android app that displays a notable quote in a TextView control. Use LinearLayout in your layout file. Display a notable quote, joke, riddle, or interesting fact. You can search online or elsewhere to find your item. Set LinearLayout and TextView properties in the layout file to set the position of the TextView control.  Modify the application title and colors of your app by modifying the strings.xml and colors.xml files.  Also, extract to the resource files colors.xml and strings.xml ny other strings and colors that you use. You can set other LinearLayout and TextView properties if you wish. Deliverable: Zip file of Android Project Grading Breakdown:   Functionality: 65%; Creativity: 10%; Application Title: 5%; Colors: 5%; Colors and Strings in Resource Files: 5%; Indentation: 5%; Properly Submitted: 5%.

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