312 w1 discussion | Reading homework help


1. Read the case study on page 28 of your text and answer Questions 1 and 2 No later than Thursday. Answers should be thorough, correct, and cited.

2. Case 2-1 Highways Galore: Read the case study on page 53 of your text and develop an initial set of discussion points per the last paragraph of the case.

3. Case 2-2 Transportation and Economic Activity: Read the case study on page 54 of your text and answer one (1) of the three (3) questions.

Text Book: 

Title: Transportation: A Global Supply Chain Perspective

ISBN-13: 9781337406642

Authors: Robert A. Novack; Brian Gibson; Yoshinori Suzuki; John J. Coyle

Edition: 9

Publisher: Cengage

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